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Main and Through Spindle Loading and Unloading

Main and Through Spindle Loading and Unloading

The Toellner main and through-spindle feeder is a floor-mounted unit, which is bolted to the floor in the space normally occupied by a bar feeder. The unit handles a broad variety of bar shapes and individual parts with lengths that range from less than an inch to over 4 feet. Widths are limited only by the ID of the spindle tube through which the part must pass before being secured in the workspace.

Parts are typically introduced into the feeder from a vibratory bowl or a gravity-feed magazine. End for end part orientation is usually accomplished as parts are loaded into the gravity-feed magazine or by a vibratory feed system if such a unit is utilized. However, end for end and precise radial orientation can also be incorporated in the through-spindle feed equipment itself if it is a more practical solution for a part’s given geometry.

The action that moves a part from the through-spindle feeder into the CNC workspace is driven by a compressed air cylinder and controlled by a soft start regulator. This design allows the actuator to be brought up to pressure smoothly which avoids all sudden air cylinders movements and insures operator safety. In addition, a variety of lining materials such as Delrin can be used in the part feed barrel to protect previously machined surfaces so they are not damaged in any way.

The accuracy of the parts feeder is excellent with respect to radial orientation. It is further fully controlled in the longitudinal axis by the turret hard stop within the machining equipment itself.

One of the main benefits of the Toellner loading and unloading equipment is its speed of operation. While part machining cycle speeds are partially determined by the machining operations and part size, loading sequences can be as rapid as 2 – 4 seconds.

The equipment is equally suited to loading and unloading operations.

The entire through-spindle loading and unloading system includes a control cabinet with an Allen-Bradley Programmable Controller. Conveniently located on the control cabinet are an E-Stop Button, Reset/Hold, and Power On/Off switch.

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  • High speed CNC loading and unloading operation.
    • As fast as 2-4 seconds per part.
  • Accommodates delicate parts
  • Broad range of part dimensional characteristics
  • Flexible part orientation options
  • Positioning accuracy