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Part Loading/Unloading Systems

A CNC Machine Tending Solution that Improves Productivity and Lowers Cost

The Toellner part loader/unloader is a standard machine tending piece of equipment used in conjunction with one or more CNC turning centers. Designed to perform repetitive tasks often performed by human machine operators, the very high speed tending capability of these units has been demonstrated to increase production throughputs by 30 % to 50% and lower production costs.

Minimize Space Utilization

The part loader/unloader is a floor-mounted unit, which utilizes the space normally occupied by a machine operator. It is a very compact unit designed to minimize floor-space while offering maximum part loading and unloading solutions.

Facilitate Maintenance and Part Changeover Tasks

Also unique to the Toellner loader/unloader is its rotating pedestal which can be unlatched and pivoted clear of the door to allow easy access to the work envelope for tool maintenance or replacement. It also facilitates quick set-up for short runs.

Cut Cycle Times

One of the unique features of the Toellner part loader/unloader is its trademarked designed and fabricated access door: the unit enables direct entry into the tended machining envelope, bypassing the slower traditional doors with open/close actuators. This feature saves valuable seconds in the load/unload cycle. The upper assembly enters through the access door to complete the load/unload cycle in as little as five seconds.

Simple Controls and Leading Edge Performance

This loader utilizes servo technology and compressed air, which enables extremely high speeds and very smooth operation. The air is channeled through a soft-start regulator, which allows the unit to be brought up to pressure smoothly avoiding all sudden movements of the air cylinders insuring operator safety.

The control cabinet, housing an Allen Bradley programmable controller, is located on the loader frame. Conveniently located on the control cabinet are an E-Stop button, reset/hold, and power on/off switch

Completely Integrated Part handling Systems

As with any machine tending operation, inbound and outbound part queues are essential to the tending process. Similarly end effectors or part gripper assemblies are an essential part of an integrated CNC work-cell tending system.  Both begin with an assessment of the part of part family to be produced, the geometry, the individual part handling requirements, and the post operation material handling requirements.

Toellner Systems has a wealth of experience in each of these areas and is able to develop part handling systems that meet stringent handling requirements that are necessary to protect the geometry and tight tolerances specified for the machining process they tend.

The Right Mix of Capability, Functionality and Cost

Because the design reflects a great depth of application experience, the Toellner machine tending system is often used in place of robotic arms because of its greater speed, cost effectiveness and the simplicity of the programming and set-up process. Similarly it is typically superior to other pick-and-place units that do not offer quick access systems or advanced electro-pneumatic actuators used to speed cycle times.