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System Overview

A CNC Machine Tending Solution that Improves Productivity and Lowers Cost

The Toellner CNC pick & place machine is a standard machine tending piece of equipment. It is usually complemented by a front end accumulation table and part queuing system, a custom part handling device or gripper, a part catcher, and an unloading conveyor with an accumulation system to manage finished parts after the machining operation.

Designed with a compact footprint, the base unit is mounted to the floor, but is designed to swivel out of the way to facilitate tool changes or other machine set up and maintenance functions. The Allen Bradley PLC control unit is a standard product that has proven to be reliable and durable in many installations.

As compared to other types of pick & place machine tending automation, the Toellner CNC loader system is designed for simplicity of operation and maintenance. Once set up, it will operate continuously without any further attention. Operation is controlled by a single start / stop button. No special training is required, and the unit is easy to reconfigure for different parts. As a result of its simplicity, typical costs for a total system can be lower by 30 to 50% when compared to other machine loading and machine unloading robots.

You can learn more about the system’s unique features by hovering over the points of interest on the image below.

To learn more about the feasibility of your project, please call, or submit an RFQ.

We will respond and do everything we can to help you define and produce a high Return On Investment (ROI) machine tending system.

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Servo-technology – This technology provides the fastest and smoothest loading/unloading available while providing flexibility for a variety of loading/unloading applications.

Slide – We match our slide’s payload capacity to the weight of your part to ensure years of worry-free operation. Whether you’re loading a one oz. part or a 100 lb. part, we have you covered.

Upper assembly – Our end-of-arm tooling is designed to take into account your part(s) shape, size, sensitivity, and orientation requirements when loading and unloading.

Access door – Our signature approach of entering through the lathe door (instead of opening and closing it) saves valuable seconds in the loading/unloading process.

Pivoting pedestal base – Our floor-mounted pedestal can be unlatched and pivoted clear of the machine door allowing easy access to the lathe work envelope.

Soft-start air regulator – This feature allows the unit to be brought up to pressure smoothly avoiding all sudden movements of the air cylinders, insuring operator safety.

PLC cabinet – Inside the cabinet is an Allen Bradley programmable controller. Conveniently located on the control cabinet is an E-Stop button, reset/hold, and power on/off switch.

Raw parts queue design – Your Toellner loading system may be designed with an adjustable inbound parts queue to accommodate an entire family of parts of various sizes and configurations.

Raw parts queue capacity – We design your inbound parts queue based on the length of time you would like your system to run unattended and the part orientation required, if necessary. Run “lights out” if you like.